Recommended Web Sites by category.

Blogs and News:

The Exiled Online  Mankind’s Only Alternative – Closed but Maintains Archive
NSFW Corp.  The Future of Journalism (With Jokes) -Closed but Maintains Archive
Ran Prieur  Astute Social Theorist and Blogger
Thom Hartmann  Tax and Spend!
The War Nerd  Potent Warfare and Conflict Analysis
PandoDaily Politics and Silicon Valley News from Former Exiled / NSFWCorp Editors

Video Games:

A1 Death Archive  I Am Slowly Drifting Through the Walls of the Castle Due to Unspecified Tileset Errors 
Hardcore Gaming 101  Exhaustive Features on Classic Arcade / Console Games 
World of Longplays  Video Game Footage Archive
PSX DataCenter  Complete Playstation Game Database
Abandonia  DOS Game and Abandoned Software Archive
Aeon Genesis  Fan Translations and Patches
ROM Hacking  Downloadable ROM Patch Database
Jimquisition  Thank God for Industry Critic Jim Sterling


Eileen Jones  Reviews featured on the Exile, NSFW Corp, and Jacobin
Film Freak Central  Film and Video Reviews Since 1997
Walter Chaw  The Reason You’re Probably Reading Film Freak Central

Other Websites:

 Guro Manga  Guro Puts its Focus on Eroticism, Sexual Corruption and Decadence –Wiki
Rotten Library  Archivum Secretum Apostolicum

PoeTV  Searches related to PoeTV: OKCupid, Reddit, Hulu, Cracked, ASMR, Penny Arcade, Zero Punctuation
Sacred Texts  Largest Archive of Online Books About Religion, Mythology, Folklore and the Esoteric on the Internet
Project Gutenberg  The Original Free Ebook Producer, Over 42,000 Available
American Buddha Coven of Witches Sublimate their Rape Madness by Bashing Buddhism, Hosting Great Books for Free on their Website
Joe Frank’s Official Website  Why Can’t I Be… Larger than Life?
The Joe Frank Wiki  Fan-Maintained Wiki Page Dedicated to the Works of Joe Frank