Review: A Bittersweet Life

This movie is wall-to-wall wish fulfillment from beginning to end. It even has the structural underpinnings of a fantasy in the way the plot moves and turns. I know this because, being a man living a sedate life, I have the exact same kind of insane grandiose power fantasies, including dying a noble death after extracting brutal revenge. After the bloody climax, we see the main character exactly where he was at the beginning of the movie, when we thought he was just a dumb hotel manager, and lo and behold… he is! He starts shadowboxing his reflection in the hotel window, thinking “yeah, I am cool”, still riding high off his daydream.

It’s a nice elegant ending to an otherwise totally implausible and totally masturbatory action flick. It admits what it is and it begs our indulgence, and in that way functions as a gesture of solace to all the lonely bored losers seeking refuge in fantasy, in their own daydreams, in action movies, etc.